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Sep 28, 2012 5:00pm EDT
to prosecute. >> john walsh will miss about after beingof gains diagnosed with a knee injury. he spent the day back at school. >> a special star to the school y for students at seidlin in southeast d.c.. -- sign an elementary in southeast d.c. has become exercise 50 studentsnearly at this school. it is all part of a successful program. designed to enhance health and academic performance. this fifth grader participates three mornings before class. according to the 2010 s shape the nation's airports, recommend children 60 minutes of activity per day. only 57% have regular recess. it is helping their bodies, teachers say it is helping their minds as well. >> we get feedback from them. these students are more alert in the morning. they are ready to learn. that is why we do this program. >> he wishes he had a program he was growing up. this program is currently in the district of columbia and 160 schools across the country. e to add hundreds more by the end of 2013. for a check on the traffic situation. >> friday afternoon, you can see the delays. washington boulevard towards duke street. those wil
Oct 2, 2012 5:00pm EDT
creepy. >> john mohammad and lee boyd malvo were found sleeping at a restaurant near hagerstown. -- at a rest stop near hagerstown. still, this belief. >> i will never understand these doing it, just driving around in killing people. injohn loman was executed 2009. was sentenced to prison here in virginia as well. this thursday evening, there inl be a prayer vigil gaithersburg to once again remember the victims. what one of the victims who was shot and says was the most real the incident for him. and arson -- another person attacked in montgomery county. time, a group of juveniles jumped a boy. time in lessecond than three months that someone been assaulted in this tunnel. popular path,ery of the crescent trail from chevy chase here to bethesda. thepeople who are using tunnel are finding it a bit frightening. and kinda little dark in there. who liveing to people here, that's what makes pedestrian tunnel an easy for a group of teenagers passingk people through. attacks thise summer, police say, the latest happenings saturday night. .> it is a fairly upscale area i guess there is
Oct 1, 2012 5:00pm EDT
. >> is horrible. i cannot believe it. >> 48-year-old john morton and his son kyle were killed when the plane crash. kevin morgan was just arriving home around 4:00. >> we tried to do what we can. we checked for signs and did what we could. >> neighbors say morgan, an experienced military and commercial pilot was working on the plane, connecting takeoffs and landings from the nearby airport with his son on board. >> i do not know if the boy was trying to learn how to pilot or if his dad was not feeling it or what. >> we looked at all the controls the power, the engines, anything we can collect. >> many here who saw an unusual flight pattern suspect engine failure. >> it went up in the air steve. it was like it was climbing straight up. then it lost power and came straight down. >> many are thinking about a father and son whose lives were cut short. >> i saw them as they were pulling out, blew the horn, wave, never going to see them again. unbelievable. >> most here do not believe the weather was a factor. it was 70 degrees, calm wind, of visibility. many suspect mechanical failure, but we not know
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3